Honesty is a human virtue, corruption is the natural enemy of the people

The wind is clean and the air is honest and self-disciplined

Supervision is a strong guarantee for improving the quality and efficiency of soes and ensuring their stability and long-term performance. Eaton Electronics has always adhered to the strategy of building legal, clean, positive and clean culture construction, the core of which is to improve the comprehensive coverage of the supervision system, establish a multi-measure supervision mechanism, expand effective supervision channels, and safeguard the interests of society, shareholders and employees. Eaton Electronics encourages all employees and partners to plan for the development of the company to help cadres and employees to report and complain about violations of laws and regulations, honesty and discipline.

Reporting channel
Reporting Notice
Report scope
Whistleblower Protection and Reward Policy

1. Hotline for Complaints: +86- (0760) 23389515

2. Email: etimpeach@foxmail.com

3. Report and Complaint by Mail: Send the written report to the person in charge of Audit Department of Guangdong Yidun Electronic Technology Co., LTD., Gaoping Industrial Zone, Triangle Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, Zip Code 528445

The informants shall seek truth from facts, accurately and truthfully report relevant problems, encourage real-name reporting, and the company will seriously deal with those who make use of reporting to fabricate facts, make false accusations and frame up in accordance with relevant regulations; If the case constitutes a crime, it shall be transferred to the judicial organ for handling according to law.

Corruption and malpractice committed by Eaton employees or partners for personal improper benefits when performing work duties or engaging in business activities:

1. Soliciting improper benefits, accepting bribes, and illegally accepting gifts or hospitality;

2. "Secret operation" in violation of the principle of "openness, fairness and justice";

3. Encroachment, theft and misappropriation of company property; And fictitious transactions, forged vouchers and other acts of fraud;

4. Take advantage of company resources or position to seek personal gain for oneself or others;

5. Illegally obtaining, using and disclosing confidential information of the company;

6. Participating in unfair competition behaviors such as bidding, bid control, joint bidding and accompanying bidding;

7. Other acts that violate laws and regulations or seriously damage the interests of the company.

Whistleblower protection:

In order to protect whistleblowers, the company will strictly implement the confidentiality system, will seriously investigate and punish leaks and retaliation against whistleblowers, and effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of whistleblowers.

Whistleblower award:

The Company will give a maximum reward of RMB 1,000,000(one million Yuan) to the informant for the verified clues based on the nature of the reported event, the value of the reported clue, the amount of economic loss recovered and the contribution degree of the informant. The details are as follows:

1. In case of internal reporting and verification, the effective clue provider shall be awarded 50% of the recovered loss at the highest;

2. If the external report of the company is verified and the relevant personnel involved can be investigated for criminal responsibility, the effective clue provider will be awarded at the highest 5% of the amount of the contract object involved, and the identity of the informant will not be affected.

The parties involved:

Employees or partners suspected of fraud, if they take the initiative to declare, cooperate with the investigation, return the improper benefits, the company will at its discretion to give light, mitigation or exemption from punishment.

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